Mady Mikes and Abby Brandon

Molly Millsap, Parker Humphrey, Madison Haycraft, Haley Embry, Alexi Mojsejenko
(CHORUS)Sentences sentencesAye what’s your subject?Got a couple phrases, let me sum ‘em upSentences sentencessubject predicatepredicates the verb, a verb is a wordSentences sentencessubjects complimentstake different positions in a sentenceSentences sentencesthrow your hands up

(VERSE)You know what it is there’s five basic sentence patternssubject, verb, object is the most commonTell me what’s a phrase (phrase)A phrase is a group of words (words)that function as a singe unit in a sentence

Callin’ all the studentsdo you hear me?Are you ready to learncan you feel me?Cheers to the clausesthrow a deuce to the fragmentsNow I got a sentence that ain’t so ratchetIf you’re hatin’ on Ang you can movie to the side


Can I get that smart?Can I get that witty?Can I get that beaut?Can I get that pretty?Can I get an A in English 10111111Can I get Angie in that class class class class

Adjectives?I was like yo, adjectives?Do you think you can modify verbs like laxatives?Ok, what’s an adverb?adverbs modify adjectives and adverbsThat’s what Angie told us, haven’t you heard?Adjectives to nouns, adverbs to verbsA double negative is too many wordsA noun or a group can be used as a modifierUse good grammar, that’s what we desireAdverbs, adverbs, then yell adverbsOur grammar skills are on fire

Excuse me, I’m sorry, I’m really a great studentI learn from Ms. Gunter, you know AngIe? Baby?And we be learning grammar from the number one ladyWe give a lot of thought to the grammar packets daily

Yellin’ all across the schoolcan you hear me?Can you learn this lesson,are you Gucci?Rest in peace sentence fragmentsTake your bad grammar to the cabinetsSay hi to straight A’s and killa essaysNow back to sentences and double my knowledge

Underline the adjective or adjectives.

1. The boy ran quickly.2. Japanese food is tasty.3. My dog is getting fat.4. My aunt is weird, and talks funny.5. The restaurant was smelly.6. My grandmother is mean.7. Water is refreshing on a hot day.8. Sense the project was hard, it took a lot of time.9. Lemons are sour.10. My blonde hair is getting long.

1. The boy ran quickly.
2. Japanese food is tasty.
3. My dog is getting fat.
4. My aunt is weird, and talks funny.
5. The restaurant was smelly.
6. My grandmother is mean.
7. Water is refreshing on a hot day.
8. Sense the project was hard, it took a lot of time.
9. Lemons are sour.
10. My blonde hair is getting long.